Welcome to the secret page in response to our Beta Test Launch Email. By completing the form below you will be helping us to help you by suggesting what is most important to you and your business right now

Should we then outline a solution for you that you take up, based on your email, as an early, beta mode respondent to our pre-launch  email we will provide our service to you for 50% of our normal fee. 

Not just that BUT we will do that for any service you take over the next 3 months. Just for responding through completing the form below PLUS, as promised, we will send you not one, not two, but 3 individual reports specifically about YOUR own business with each report all about you and YOUR business – no one else’s. Plus a generic report, all related to what you may find out about your own business in report 1 below, that we know you will find useful. 

The research for each one takes about 24 hours so please be patient once you have opted into the mailing list.

Report 1 is an in depth analysis of your company reputation online

Report 2 is an in-depth guide to Reputation Management. Of the 4 reports, this is the only one that is generic in nature but its content is right on the money! It will give you invaluable insights on how to manage, build, and market your business reputation, something you may need to address following your receipt of Report 1

Report 3 is a specifically researched report on your Google My Business Listing – an often overlooked piece of many a businesses web presence

Report 4 is all about how your SEO [Search Engine Optimisation] is doing in getting your business up the web site rankings. AND, if you opt-in today you will get an extra special bonus report that will be revealed in your thank you email.

Just Fill in the form above AND include your business web address so we can send you, your absolutely FREE, detailed reports. AND in the comment or Message section below just add the following letters at the end of your message: BETA A

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