If You Need Help Getting Your Emails Opened, Whether Standard email, Email with Video Postcards or Video Sales Letters, We Have Skills, Creativity and Content Creation To Help You Get Boosted Email Action, Responses and Results.

Your Email marketing – with video embedded in whatever form you choose  – or just “plain” text – is your digital equivalent of good old fashioned direct mail.

From straight forward sales messages to nurturing campaigns or simply making announcements, there are many ways for email and email with video to be used as part of your marketing options.

Email can be “text” it can be “images” it can be “videomail” – video embedded into your emails for great results, or whatever combination is best for what you do.

Campaigns that involve both options work really well too. Email also works well as an autoresponder and there are ways “automatic” messages appear totally personalised as though you were sitting at your lap top or PC responding to just that person – one at a time, one message at a time, 24/7/365 – but an email system, using targeted, well worded emails does it for you, in a very personalised way.

They can be one off emails, a sequential series over a short period or longer pieces over a longer time. It all depends on your audience.

If you need help crafting one off emails that get opened…or have a sequential campaign you want to discuss just give us a call on 01635 917373. 

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