SMS & QR Codes – Are You Using Them?

Have you mastered the use of SMS/Text marketing as part of your business protection and business future proofing yet?


If not, now is the time…..

Use SMS,  Mobile and QR codes to boost engagement, responsiveness, and conversion

Virtually everything is done on mobile these days, as I we are sure you would agree. SMS/text is a medium that rarely gets not ignored. Most people respond in seconds to SMS. It has 1,000s of uses, saves time, is great for all businesses but especially those that use appointments, or databases:

a] many of your competitors, probably under the radar to you, are using SMS and if the results they get are like the ones we get for our clients, you are missing out

b] the response rates SMS gets v any other medium are much, much higher: better than email, better than ‘phone calls and better than direct mail. We can help you with all those and boost your response rates as well as SMS. Just see the stats below.

What’s more a lot of SMS stuff, once set up for your business is dead easy for your business to add too, or change, as circumstances dictate.

So, with traditional “outbound” approaches becoming less effective what do you do?

Just look at these stats:

  • 97% of mobile subscribers read an SMS [text] message within 15 minutes of receipt….and, 84% of those responds. Compare that to 90 minutes for an email!  *Nielsen & CITAorg 2011. Many will respond in less than 20 secs. 
  • 24% UK Consumers access the web while shopping on their mobiles. And there are ways to “push” messages to their phone, right as  they walk past your door! [e-digital research and MRG Survey 2011 and on……stats have gone way UP since then]. If you want to know how to do that get in contact. They work like gangbusters.
  • 33% of UK shoppers will scan and read QR codes when shopping. [e-digital research and MRG Survey 2011……stats have gone UP since then].

Using the in your market? You may be surprised how effective they are if you did! This one will just take you to our OptIn Page.

Just pop your mob over the image and see how effective QR codes are [QR Code reader needed];  

  • 8-16% is the typical response to mobile marketing campaigns [sometimes as high as 60%] whereas direct mail is 2-3%* and email possibly 2% ….sometimes. *Nielsen
  • Mobile coupons get 10X the redemption rate of traditional coupons.*Mobile Marketer 2012 And for One-Off Promos it can be as high as 50% and often MUCH higher
  • 9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to some form of action and over half lead to a purchase. *SearchEngine Land 2012
  • Nearly 20% of Google searches start with mobile and will continue growing

So, some pretty strong proof that if you are not using SMS/Text and mobile marketing your business is losing out. This is especially so if you run a local business where about 30%+ of mobile searches include a “location” word.

As a B2B, or B2C business in the property or consulting sector you may not feel SMS has any applications for you?

We strongly urge you to rethink that and explore it with us, as it will make a big difference in your business right now. You know that QR codes are helping the world fight CoVid right!

Well, imagine what they could do for your business.

Are you interested in doing so?

If so call 01635 917373 and we will be back in touch or email: