Chat & Video Bots

Artificial Intelligence – AI – Chat Bots & Avatars

You may have seen ChatBots and Avatars around on other sites but have yet to consider them for your business?

So, let me draw you in: 

Imagine having a self-educating and self-improving chat-bot on your web site – perhaps coupled up with an Avatar too. A Chat Bot that learns from each interaction and then helps you manage all your front line sales leads – or customer service calls, complaints or a myriad of other information providing solutions, to help segment the responses to different sales or service funnels.

Then think of them solving front line customer queries and customer service issues. Then think of all the time, effort and struggle you might save in your business? Starting to get a good feeling about how they can be used?

All the technology and skills needed to create them, and respond in natural conversations, that guide your site visitors to the right action is already here, now, and is ideally suited to SME’s who are online, brick and mortar or both.

Gets You Qualified Leads

ChatBots like Brian, above, can really help fill your sales funnel with hot to trot leads. The Bot conversations can be designed to help filter out the less hot leads into a nurturing campaign, or they can flip a hot to trot lead straight to a sales rep. Meaning you can create sales qualification funnels with leads who want to buy. Or Service calls that can either be resolved off the page or escalated for immediate attention. ChatBot funnels can give your business a massive boost. And, once set up they can keep doing it for you 24/7/365.

Then there are our Property Bots 

Just watch the two videos below – created with our sister businesses and Watch the mini webinar – first video – just click it,  then the 2nd video which gives you a sample. The videos just show an Avatar but they can be married up with a Chat Bot Funnel too. You have 3 options. Avatar only, Avatar and Chat Bot sequence or Chat bot sequence only. The right solution depends on your end goal. 

ChatBot Curiosity

Like real people, ChatBots are curious i.e. they are programmed to be so. They will ask your prospects and customers questions; tailored to your business – to move them to the next step. And then they can connect them to the right person in your business straight away. Or deal with their query entirely from start to finish.


The best way to start with a Chatbot is with a simple, basic Chatbot flow. The Chatbot becomes a Virtual Assistant your prospects can interact with, and as you learn more you can scale them up for sales or service funnel flow. You also need to create the ChatBot scripts as they have a specific flow and need to initiate the right actions from the viewer but we can help with all that as needed.

Get Personal

For ChatBots to work well they need to address your target audience i.e they need to match the conversation going on in your clients, customer, or patient’s head. So we help you create an Avatar that will match the tone and brand of your business and to the tone and thoughts of your prospects. You can choose from a range of different Avatars, to suit your target audience.

We help you scope out what they sound and look like; gender, clothing style, language/s they need to speak, the speed of delivery, how formal or informal an audience they will interact with, the age and interest profile they need to have. What emoji’s and animations suit best to get the highest engagement and interaction. In short we help make sure you have the right Avatar or ChatBot for you.


The information the ChatBot interactions collect from the service or sales funnel can provide you with really unique insights too, insights that can have far reaching benefits across your business to better connect with your buying audience and customers.

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