Online Streaming Systems

Streaming Action Video – is it something you are using yet in your business? If not perhaps you should consider it?

If your business, in this CoVid affected world, has suffered because you can not:

  • Do Open Houses or Auctions
  • Hold Classes – gym, fitness, cookery, pottery etc
  • Consult Face to Face
  • Let people see and share as you teach, demonstrate, show

then our STREAMING ACTION VIDEO SOLUTIONS will help you do that and regain lost business.

No need for people to travel or breach protocols – you can have a live event hosted via Facebook and other channels. You can see who is attending, answer Q&A, and take offers.


For eaxmple if you are an Estate Agent, Virtual Video Tours are one thing you may already do but how about a streamed open house where you can auction, take offers, answer questions, real-time and deliver something your competitors probably do not even know about, or how to do.

If you an are educator, business trainer, fitness trainer, or potter, for example, why not live stream your session or class? 

You can shoot video [or we can] and host them on the same streaming site to boost leads, buyer interest, and offers. And if you want to give your Virtual Tours that added Professional look we have lots of ways to do that too.

Or how about 360 degree tours the viewer can control and go from room to room. Your overall Viewing numbers may be down but conversion rates can go up with 360 and video virtual tours.


Beat the effects CoVid is having on your business rapidly.

Just call us today on 01635 917373 or email: now for more information on Streaming Video Options or 360 tours.

To fix a demo just contacts us. Or review the streaming demo site with our sister web site at below by clicking the image below…