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Social Media Marketing


The great PT Barnum was reknowned for creating a “buzz” – about himself and his PT Barnum’s Circus and used posters, advertising and various PR stunts to get the message out to each town he was visiting. 

Whilst things have moved on since those days, your business too needs to create a buzz about itself. 

Social media is the way to create that modern day “buzz”…

It is an effective way to connect with your customers and to keep your business in front of them.

It’s very “viral” in nature and makes it easy for word of mouth marketing to help your business take off quickly, grow, and spread the word about what a great business you are.

Building presence on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, Instagram, Blogger [and many, many more], requires regularly publishing content. Content which encourages readers to take action and spread the word to their contacts as well. 

We have a process where we help publishing across all the main channels [10 of them] and can help create your business’ Social Media strategy. This can help build responses by:

  • Enhancing the markets awareness or your business and brand and encouraging loyalty to it [which also ties back to your having a 5 STAR Reputation]
  • Relating with your customers and prospects in a way that is meaningful to them
  • Gathering market research quickly and easily
  • Displaying your expert status online
  • Enhancing your customer support efforts.

You can do it all yourself, OR we can do it all for you. 

To discover how a strategic and tactical Social Networking and Media campaign can work best for your business, just call us on 01635 917373 or email