Video Marketing

Video Has HUGE Sales Power – it could be your modern marketing on steroids

For example:


A Sample Video For Our sister Site with Video in Video: one in the PC Screen and one in the mobile screen.

  • According to major media and market research house, Nielsen, last year, Internet video viewing was up 35% and Mobile Video by 20%
  • According to Forrester if you have a text only index page in the search engines you are 50X LESS likely to rank when compared to a video page
  • Video is proven to get you more traffic, engagement and search engine rankings – and the list of research to support this assertion is miles…..and miles long!


             A sample intro “business logo/brand reveal” video for our sister site

Video Marketing is The Fastest Growing Medium for Selling What Your Business Does, Promoting Your Business, and Promoting You.

So, are YOU Using It Yet?

Whichever research source you look at, they all say the same thing: “Online video is the fastest growing form of online advertising”

Top Reasons Why Consumers Like Video


Image from Attributed sources in Image and

Whatever business you are in, or if you are looking for up to date marketing to grow your business, video is the medium that helps position your business as the market leader.

So, you need to avoid the danger of being left behind!

Brochures, downloadable PDFs, pictures, etc have their place but they are being replaced by video options.

Which leaves you and your business with decisions to make:

1: You can join those using Video to re-position their business for greater authority and market domination
2: You can join those using Video to sell what their business does – more effectively – and getting more web traffic and buyers, or
3: You can play catch up later, or
4: You’ll simply be left behind wondering where all your business went.

And as Google has moved to a newer model with Page Rank favouring video sites and mobile, where will you be then?

Video not only makes web pages “stickier” and site visitors stay longer and become more engaged, but growing numbers of eyeballs watch the likes of YouTube, Vimeo, Viddlr, and more, on lap top and PC.

And do not ignore the massive rise of web use taking place on mobile platforms such as mobiles, iPpads, Tablets.  At Cybermarketingtools we make sure you appear where you need to appear, whatever the device.

Below is a frame capture created by our JV called to see how fresh, different and effective it is. Yes, video sells houses right off the page now too.

Video that sells property


Source. a specialist video creation, production and recording business for the Property Sector.

So, how can we help your business benefit from Video:

There are many ways to create video. We create fantastically engaging video to show case your business:

Your Initial Sales Pitch: Online is now the way many potential buyers seeking your services, products, or location, will find you. Use video to Wow them.

Get us to help you create and sell your business with an online video with a carefully crafted “elevator pitch”. We can help you craft and deliver it. Once done it can be selling for you day in day out 24/7/365. And if it needs updating that is easy to do too.

Your USP’s or Key Differentiators: Use video to show case your approach to your business, why you are different and demonstrate some of your USP’s.

Testimonials. Having other people sell for you is a great way to get “social proof” that you are as you say you are. There are many different ways to create Testimonials and we help you get those from clients directly – on video, from your web site, by text and even from your customers mobiles.

Services: Use video to show case your firms services or products.

Establishing Market Authority: Video can help your business further establish, or reclaim, its market authority in your market place or market sector. Use video as part of your strategy of preeminence, something we can help you with.  The use of Video can re-position, or reinforce your business in your prospects minds. We have lots of ways for you to do this.

Inform and FAQ’s: Video is a great tool for making greater use of your and your staffs time and we lots of ways to maximise your time whoever your business helps. And the bigger the problem your business solved then the better the sale we can help you make.

FAQs: Why do them? Well you probably answer the same types of question for many people. Putting it down on video enables you to tighten up the pitch. Once done it can also be distributed in many different ways to access as many targeted people as possible. You can enhance its power with “offline” materials too. Consider the mix of online and offline FAQ’s as sales support on steroids! The information can also be sent via email. If you segment your database too there are endless ways you can use it to boost your business.

You & Your People: You already know “people buy from people” so why not help potential users of your business, service or products get to know you by having videos created by your people and yourself. It helps buyers and sellers in your local or target market engage with your business and also qualifies them in and out of your sales funnel – all whilst you get on with running your business. It helps people self-select. This means, with less effort on your part, you get more of the type of customer YOU want. Think of the headaches that would get rid of!

                                                                         Video Can Boost Results

The Company Tour: As well as getting to know and relate to your staff through video why not create a Video Tour of Your Own Business? Show case your office/s, branches/s, showroom/s, your surgery, your systems, your training – your difference.

Entertain, Inform, Educate: All three of these can happen through video. Creating entertaining, informing, and educational material; from information aimed at the first time buyer to a seasoned investor, puts your business on a different plane to your competitors.

Doing it with video means you get a solid, consistent, worked out message so everyone in touch with your business gets the same messages, the same consistency and feel about your business, what you do and how you do it. You cannot always control the vagaries of the market, or what buyers do, but you can control the perception and esteem your business is held in. It will also help with the reputation management of your business too.

Events. Markets. News: Videos on events, the market and local or national news are all things you can create relevant and topical video about. It is also a very good “streaming” medium and can be “fed” to blogs, news sources and many other channels, to get your business noticed. Think about a Video Blog, a News Feed, even help your local area with a Community video.

Area Videos. Social marketing through things like community video is one thing but why not go a stage further? For out of town buyers why not produce an area video to showcase your town, location, and local facilities? Doing so will help you attract buyers and draw them from other competing areas/parts of town. There are ways it can be used to attract new business, as well as strong links with other local businesses.

Because you now want to know more and explore how Video can be put to work for your business, just call us direct on 01635 917373, or send an email