Strategies & Tactics, Tracking & Measuring

Strategy & Tactics, Tracking and Measurement

Strategy and Tactics, and tracking and measuring results from all your inbound calls, from different campaigns, from inbound and outbound email, video or SMS campaigns, is key to the survival of your business. We help you track every £ you spend and every £ you get back, so you know what works.

The measurement of your marketing spend and activity needs to be measured. That is key. What you measure depends on your ultimate goal. But measured it must be. 

Measurement allows you to know what is working, what is failing, what can be developed more, and what can be junked.

You probably know the phrase:

“If you can’t measure you can’t manage”

The trouble for many business owners is that running a business by the seat of your pants can be fun…..and it can become a habit where you can’t see the wood for the trees.

It leads many businesses to fire fighting – and feeling heroic when they do….BUT there comes a time when that does not work and businesses hit a crisis point…and hit the buffers too, more often than not.

However, with suitable strategies and tactics you can build in the ways to measure what needs to be measured to make your life easier.

We have started a number of businesses. We know that exciting, pioneering phase where 24/7 is a doddle, where working through the night, or brainstorming to the early hours are pre-requisites to get critical mass.

Yet there comes a time where you need to make sure the future of your business has solid foundations for growth, minimises risk and gets you the best bang for your buck.

And with the leaps and bounds in technology today everything can be tracked. From call tracking for example…………… any other form of marketing activity. Provided you have the right all in one tools to help you. And we have some fantastic tools to help you, your sales people and your customer service people too.

If you want to discuss how we can put your marketing, call management and tracking, SMS, video, email, direct mail or any other campaign on steroids, based on reportable results, or track how well your letters, forms, or staff convert leads and more, and ways to improve them, then call 01635 917373 or simply email now.