CoVid Busters

Quick Wins To Nullify What CoVid Is Doing To Your Business…

There are a number of ways you can boost elements of your business to help defeat the affects CoVid is having on it. Just review the two service columns below and if anything you have on that list that needs boosting get in touch. And bear in mind; a combination of tweaks, in all those areas, could have a positively exponential, explosive effect on your results.

Services to boost your business in CoVid Lockdown/Restrictions:

1. Updating your GMB [Google My Business] Profile

2. Setting up a Website (Updating it or Auditing its performance)

3. Setting Up New Email marketing campaigns and more

4. Apply Online Ordering Systems and Online Video Streaming Systems to your business

5. Run or Optimise Your FB Ads

6. Reputation Management, Reputation Building, and Reputation Marketing during the crisis


7. Video Creation, Marketing and Distribution

8. Adopting and using QR Codes, Push Notifications


10. Social Media Optimisation & Syndication services

11. Reviewing all your content and sales collatoral – on and offline.

12. Chat Bots, Avatars, Artificial Intelligence Technology – are you applying them yet?

All the above can work in isolation or tweak them all for explosive results. 

Need a 2nd opinion? Feel like you are working in isolation? Just get in touch we are are here to help you get what you need.

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